Those Fellas in China

Those Fellas in China

Those Fellas have many years of experience in helping athletes increase their digital and brand IP in the People’s Republic of China. We enjoy mature relationships with key contacts at China’s biggest networks in sport and media.

Those Fellas are passionate about creating and disseminating media through what we’ve coined our ‘Chinese Lens’. Content and stories about the athletes, celebrities and brands we work with crafted to resonate with a Chinese audience.

Access to Athletes and Celebrities

If you need someone to front your advertising, digital or activate a campaign, Those Fellas can help make it happen. Get in touch, let's have a chat.

Digital & Broadcast

We can help with content, strategy, dissemination and execution for commercial benefit in all markets. We have the pipeline. Talk to us about using it.

Brand activations

Need to reach a huge and engaged audience to amplify your brand? We can help. We work closely with Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Weibo, Tencent and many more powerful networks across digital and traditional broadcast. Whatever your objective, Those Fellas can help.


See how Those Fellas' network can help you achieve your business objectives.