Ian’s own sporting career peaked at the age of 18 when he toured Western Australia with a Canadian representative football team.

In 1989 he played for Canada in the SBS Cup in ShizuokaJapan against Brazil, South Korea and Japan. The tournament began a life-long affection for and interest in Asia.

Ian Ascough has worked in digital media for almost 20 years, starting with what is now Western Canada’s foremost football website, Take The Piss.com

Since then Ian has worked with and advised some of the world’s biggest brands and sports stars.

Given his love of sport and digital media, co-founding Those Fellas with Jim has been a best of all worlds scenario for Ian.

Those Fellas’ ability and access to allow them to work with world class athletes to ensure they’re protected online in order to explore commercial opportunities is enormously satisfying.

With Harry Redknapp Ian Ascough co-founder of Those Fellas www.thosefellas.com

Online brand protection, social media consultancy and strategy (in the West and in China) and the production of content for digital and traditional broadcast dissemination are Ian’s particular areas of expertise.

Family shot Ian Ascough co-founder of Those Fellas www.thosefellas.com

Ian lives in North London with his wife Jennie and two sons, Will and Matt.

Jacques Burger, Jim Hamilton & Petrus du Plessis Ian Ascough co-founder of Those Fellas www.thosefellas.com

With our access to players, clubs and brands, aligning promotional objectives to ensure campaigns and productions reach as large an audience as possible is something we’re very well situated to accommodate.